Greetings and welcome to my domain.

If you're reading this, I assume that likely you reached this site via one of the many social networking sites I am currently using. In an effort to provide some way of aggregating everything I do on the internet, I've created this domain under the internet handle, fey Morgaina, which I've been using for years now.

While I enjoy social networking sites, I think people need to be reminded that the internet consists of more than just the major networking sites. The internet originally consisted of research papers and scholarly articles as the internet was first tested among educational and government institutions. In its early days, the public internet consisted of individual web pages, such as this one, which sometimes grew into bigger web sites (like my earlier site, Brigid's Flame, which I continue to use simply because Brigid's Flame still represents me to a large degree).

Accessibility to the internet has come a long way from its early days. It is now affordable to the average person to buy a domain name and have it set up on a server somewhere. However, most internet service providers now won't let you set up your own server because they want to sell access to their servers to you. That really should change. Free access to information and freedom to express yourself should not be limited in such a greedy manner. The best solution to that is using Linode, which is a virtual web host. At the least they give you full management of your content on their servers. For all practical purposes, it's your server. Linode is also affordable to the average person, which brings me to the point of this quick introduction.

Essentially, it is easier to take control and participate on the internet in meaningful ways now as the means to do so has become cheaper. For three or four domains and access to Linode, it's less than $100 a year (depends on whether or not you can find a good deal on domain names). That's pretty cheap for having access to your own website to do with what you will.

Yes, I know that maintaining their own website is probably a daunting task for people who have no idea how to write a web page using html for starters, never mind having to manage your own server and having to keep up with the changes in web design overall (probably better for most people to hire a web designer or get a friend who knows web design to help). I just don't think that should be a disincentive. And yes, maintaining a website takes time, but if it's your own website, you do what you want with it, right? Get the point now? You have control. Write as little or as lot, it's really up to you.

I'm really not trying to convince people to go get their own websites. I'm all for individual choice, so it's up to you. Ultimately, I just wanted to point out that there's still more to the internet than just social networking sites. It's just that websites should be designed more dynamically thereby engaging the reader more.

Now I'm done rambling on my own site. I tend to ramble sometimes. Might be something to do with being a Gemini rising with a Sun in the third house. If you study astrology, that might make some sense to you. ;) In any case, I wrote this little introduction so that this web page won't be empty because an empty web page is just so very wrong! :)

Thanks for visiting my domain. I hope you'll drop by again sometime.

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